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Monday, January 01, 2007

One too many...

Take a moment to reflect.

The war in Iraq is almost four years old. As a 22 year old in 2003, it was difficult for me to imagine what a war in Iraq would really look like. From the on-set, I did not support the war but like many Americans I had no idea how long the fighting would drag on or what it would look like.

Now that I live back at home with my parents, I wake up to the sounds of CNN blasting from the living room each and every morning. Today, I barely bat an eye at the daily reports of violence and killings in Iraq. Have I too become desensitized?

3000 US soldiers have been lost. On the Iraqi side over 500,000 deaths have been estimated. It's time to re-remember why we want peace and to hold a moment of silence for the lives that have been lost on both sides. There are no winners in war.

Here's a video of a weekly memorial organized by Veterans for Peace in Los Angeles. Take a moment to watch the video.

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