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Monday, January 01, 2007

Media Activism and Film Fests

I recently hooked up with a Japanese youth media activist group in Tokyo. They held an all-day screening of media activist films a couple of weeks ago and I was able to share my short films and talk about media activism in the US. While I was onboard Peace Boat, one of my friends subtitled three of my films in Japanese so now I can share my work more widely while I'm here in Japan. I'm hoping to start collaborating with them on different projects in the new year. I'm starting to realize, I am some what of an expert on grassroots campaigning, activism and media-activism. Who knew!

Also, I just got confirmation of another screening of my film Peace Begins with Me and You at a film festival in Los Angeles this February. It will be screened at the Conscious Life Expo, a "yearly 'gathering of the tribes' allows the entire spiritual and progressive community in southern California to come together to share, network, learn and celebrate the emergence of the new energies that are slowly but surely converging on our little planet at this time."

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