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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Media and Peace links

Hi everyone,

I'm in New York and things are going superb with my thesis research. I feel that I have collected more than an adequate amount of information to write a 70 page thesis paper and I am now coming away from this feeling committed to get what I will be writing published in an academic journal. Chat the Planet and their show Hometown Baghdad has gotten quite a bit of mainstream media press and I think it's now time for them to get academic press.

I wanted to share with you some links (having to do with media, technology, journalism and peace) that I have come across in my research.

Have a great day,

ICT4Peace - Weblog dedicated to exploring information and communication technology for peacebuilding.
ICT for Peace Foundation - A foundation which aims to enhance the performance of the international community and crisis management through the application of information communication technology.
DigiDave-a weblog about the people, the technology, the theory and practice of citizen journalism
Ugo Trade - a weblog dedicated to virtual realities in "web 2.0" that cross digital divides.
Blogflict - weblog dedicated to empowering people to share information and discuss conflicts and crises.
Global Voices - a site which aggregates, curates and amplifies the global conversations online.
Global Media - a global network of communication scholars which produces the academic Global Media Journal
Media, Conflict and and Society- links resource of various organizations and institutions in the field of communications and conflict.
Better media, less conflict - An article by the European Platform for Conflict Prevention and Transformation

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, and I am glad your trip has been worth it! Thanks for the website links!

Look forward to seeing you when you get back!