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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Colloquia Series at Columbia University

Oh, I so wish I could attend this event in New York, since it is very applicable to my thesis. Hopefully, I'll be giving presentations such as these one day.
My film March 22 was included in Deep Dish TV's compilation Shocking and Awful which was exhibited at the Whitney Museum as part of the 2006 Whitney Biannual.

The Peace Education Center
Teachers College,
Columbia University
Colloquia Series Spring 2008
21st Century Peace Education:
Discourses, Dilemmas, Practices


“Bullets into Blogs,

Swords into Power Points:

Old & New Media in the Quests for Peace”

Dr. Dee Dee Halleck

Co-Founder of Paper Tiger Television and the Deep Dish Satellite Network

Professor Emeritus, Department of Communication, University of San Diego

Thursday, March 27. 7-9pm Location: Room 363 GDH

(Teachers College, Columbia University525 West 120th Street)

* Free and Open to the Public *

DVD Showing: World Tribunal on Iraq

Upcoming 21st Century Peace Education events at

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