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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Peace Studies 101

Woah! The workload for class is getting pretty intense. I hope to be able at the very least share with you the presentation/papers that I will be working on.
As for now, I'd like to introduce you to my Peace Studies I Class:

As the basics of Peace Studies, most of our reading will come from "Approaches to Peace" Edited by David P. Barash. The book is divided into six chapters that we will be covering through the course of the fall term.

1. Approaches to War

2. Building "Negative Peace"

3. Building "Positive Peace"

4. Nonviolence

5. Religious Inspiration

6.Peace Movements

In the books introduction, Barash writes,
" Despite the enormous ills of our planet, there is reason to believe that our most pressing problem is not hunger, disease, poverty, social inequity, overpopulation, or environmental degradation, but rather he violence that human beings commit and threaten to commit against others... ...Consider the deep irony of a planet, beset with desperate crises, whose inhabitants nonetheless spend their time and energies fighting with each other, thereby making things even worse... ...It is indeed paradoxical that in a time of unique danger and difficulty, the inhabitants of planet Earth waste their time, resources, and energy--as well as their lives--fighting among themselves and/or preparing to do so."

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