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Friday, September 29, 2006

Becoming Obsessed with Documenting and Media

Well, perhaps I have always been obsessed with media. Why else would I got to a really expensive film school?
It just gets clearer and clearer to me how important media and documenting is. I have always said that if I do nothing else in life at least I will document the peace movement.

Here's a quote I saw on on Peace Journalism

Peace Journalism consciously adopts an agenda for peace believing it to be the only genuine alternative to an--unacknowledged or otherwise--agenda for war. It maps the pre-violence conflict, identifying many parties and more causes, thereby opening up unexpected paths towards dialogue and peace making. Peace journalism humanizes all sides of conflict and is prepared to document, both deceit and suffering as well as peace initiative from all parties.

I also would really like to have a dialgoue with you that are reading my blog. I'd like to hear your thoughts/opinions because I believe that at the very basis peace begins with communication. Let's have a discussion!

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