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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Interviewed by iGenius

I was recently interviewed by iGenius, the social networking site for social entrepreneurs, about my peace work. Here's a snipit, to read more click here.

Editor: When did you first become interested in peace-making projects?

I was senior at New York University when September 11th happened. Though I was not in New York City at the time, it deeply affected me. I had previously considered a career as a music video director but after 9-11, I felt I had to do all that was in my power to prevent something like that from ever happening again. However, it was not until I got involved in the anti-Iraq war movement in 2003 that I found my calling to use media as a tool for peace. Now, I am about two months away from finishing a masters in peace and conflict studies on the Rotary World Peace Fellowship.

Editor: How long have you been working with Images of Peace?

Images of Peace will officially launch later this year but the idea for it germinated in 2005. I had just completed a short film called Peace Begins with Me and You, when I realized that from there on out I would be collecting stories or “images” of peace. I believe people are working for peace in both small and big ways every day. This is what I would like to document through Images of Peace.

Editor: What inspires you the most?

Megumi: Peace: Whenever people gather together in the name of peace I am inspired. The first anti-Iraq war protest I participated in was on February 15th, 2003. This was the Day the World Said No to War. Even in 20 F degree weather, there were half a million people on the streets of New York standing for what they believed in. It was among these people that I began to ask myself: What more can I do ?
The campaign to establish a US Department of Peace and Nonviolence and all the activists who work on it also inspire me daily. US Congressmen Dennis Kucinich inspires me.

Filmmakers: I have to say that more than any big name director, the filmmakers that I have worked with and under have been an inspiration to me. I have learnt so much about filmmaking through them and as result they have influenced my work.

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Hello, I am a two-time NYU grad and will set up an interfaith event where leaders of different religions will discuss similiarities and differences and set up action plans for the future in areas like peace, women's rights and poverty. In many areas, religion and politics are intertwined, so this will be very useful. Below is a general descriptoin. For more about me, see my Web site

I plan to continue discussions with the Greek church, interfaith centers and a big Buddhist temple by my area. The top monk there has been to the White House.

I am in a course called Power and Contribution of Landmark Education. You may view Landmark at In the course, people come up with impossible promises. Mine is that by 2067 people of all religions, cultures and spiritual beliefs will be exchanging ideas and talking about similarities and differences in peace, and creating projects to further peace in the world, empower women, feed the poor, care for the environment and more.

I am Greek and envision a time in ancient Greece where many civilizations shared ideas that led to scientific, art and spiritual breakthroughs.

I am contacting different churches, temples and more to see if anyone has similar events taking place or if they would want to work with me to set up the first such event in December 2008. Some people in NYC such as interfaith ministers are taking about the integral spirituality work of Ken Wilber (on the Internet) and have a similar goal.

If your office would like to work with me for this event or has similar ones to which I can invite religious and spiritual leaders, let me know.


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