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Thursday, February 14, 2008

iGenius summit

iGenius is a online networking community of social entrepreneurs. Interested in making a difference in the world and connecting with other like minded people? Then their website might be the perfect place for you.

On March 13-16th, in Phuket Thailand, iGenius will be holding the iGenius World Summit to bring together members to meet face to face for the first time. The summit looks very interesting as former CNN international president Chris Cramer and Dave McQueen from Channel 4 will be giving presentations and on third day, the summit will specifically focus on the role media plays in social change.

They will be screening my short film, Peace Begins with Me and You as part of their social film festival but unfortunately for me my thesis research trip overlaps with their summit, and I couldn't quite justify the participation fee of 500GBP for just two days of the summit (and let's not forget the airfare.) Barry Crisp, a filmmaker from Japan, will be video documenting his journey to Phuket, so I look forward to hearing his report upon his return.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Megumi! :D

How are you?

Thanks for mentioning me - I can totally understand why you can't make it to the Thailand Summit. However, I do look forward to viewing your video again via the film festival.

I am heading out to Australia next week Friday as I was a Fit City winner ( But after I get back, let's definitely meet up in Tokyo for lunch.

Take care and speak soon,