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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Film: Jewish in Berlin

My dropping knowledge film which asks the question: What does it mean to be Jewish in Berlin today? (4min) is now up on their Schatten Auf Berlin website. If you scroll to the bottom strip of films in the category of Nue Berlin and click on several films over you can watch Judish in Berlin there... ...or if you feel like it's too complicated to get to (since there is no direct link) please click on the following image:

Two of the three interviews are in German, so in many ways there were new challenges to this project but overall I'm quite pleased with what I was able to accomplish in two weeks with this film. I also recommend taking a look at the Shadows on Berlin web magazine though that is entirely in German. Enjoy!

It seems like the other link takes a long time to upload. So on Blogger video for now.


foel said...

Hey! This is a fantastic doc!!!! Im really impressed, its not just a document, its told with depth through the interesting shots and editing. The creativity of the b-roll shots really adds depth to the experience of the characters. I have seen docs made similar to this, but i never "got it" until now. Its a great piece, and even taught me more about documenting people. I tend to think docs are supposed to be so straightforward, but I see here that with creativity, it gets a depth that would be missing in a more straightforward doc, it would be less accurate, sort of, without the creativity. Thanks :) -Joel

luvmegumi said...

Hey joel, thanks for the comment. I've been wanting to do this style of of documentary for a while.. where you do a portrait of a person and paint the room around them.
We pick up a lot of information about how a person is/what they do/how they behave just by watching a little bit of their life.
I really feel like I'm developing a style of filmmaking that I like. Hurray!