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Sunday, June 10, 2007


Woo ha! We're (and by that I mean the Rotary World Peace Fellows at ICU) are headed to Salt Lake City, Utah this Thursday to attend the three-day Rotary World Peace Symposium!

I don't believe I ever been to Utah before (even though I always wanted to make it to Sundance) so I'm excited to check out Mormon Country.

The symposium is from the 14th to the 16th, and many of the RWPF alumni will be giving presentations on their research and their post-RWPF experience. It's going to be a major peace networking bonanza. Here's the tenative schedule. Woo hoo!!

Unfortunately, they won't be showing my film about ICU RWPF's trip to Hiroshima due to scheduling issues but I plan on brining many copies to pass out. Perhaps, I can set up a make shift screening in one of our hotel rooms. I hope so.

Okay, I've got a few papers left to crunch out! Yay, Utah!

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foel said...

If you are in Salt Lake City, take a walk around the temple grounds. The place had a powerful effect on me, its pretty amazing. Lots of smiling folks happy to be there. I would steer clear of the young missionary helpers all over the place, I got onto a kind of tour with one of them and it kind of led me away from the peaceful feeling. Its a nice place to just walk around though, and check out some of their short films in one of the introductory buildings. They are made with intense feeling and dedication. -jf