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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dropping Knowledge

Hi, I am psyched to annouce that this summer I will be working with Dropping Knowledge in Berlin, Germany.

In September 2006, they invited 120 people from around the world to partake in a global dialogue project called the Table of Free Voices. 100 questions collected from the internet were asked of these 120 people over 9 hours. Each person had a camera directly facing them intimately documenting their answers.

Their basic premise is that is through asking questions a global conversation can be started which can change the world for the better.

Here's a short video of the larger project that I will be working on. I'm so excited, so excited....

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foel said...

Wow, this video is intense and amazing. Lots or provocative images, and very well produced. It seems like just hearing questions and answers for hours would be fatiguing, but this video makes it digestible and makes me think of a lot of these issues inside myself. The delicate and unusual images mixed in really give depth to the questions and answers. Its a great document of an amazing project. -joel