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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oxfam Trailwalker!!

A few of my classmates are currently training for the Oxfam Trailwalker! It's a 100km walk to be completed in 48hours. We will fundraise approximately US$1000 to fight against poverty.

The hike looks intense and most people walk through the night with out sleeping! Anyways, I am excited to push myself physically and walk for a good cause. We'll have 'till May to train, so every other weekend we have been hiking and I've started to regualrly run 6km every other day.
I'll be posting photos from our various hikes on my flickr site. Clikc on the Oxfam Trailwalker Set. Yay! Walk to end poverty!


beckita said...

Dear Megumi,
I stumbled across your blog while searching for a quaker meeting place in Tokyo. It was such a beautiful find. I am so inspired by so many of your thoughts and ideas. (Blogs are funny that way - I feel an insight into your life, even though I've never met you..)

I too am living in Tokyo, about 20minutes from ICU, as it happens. Achieving peace through using the media affectively has been my ambition for such a long time. I am here on the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese scholarship program; right now we're in a twelve month intensive japanese language learning program which ends to give way to six months of work experience - hopefully in some kind of media outlet that talks about some of the many social justice issues not covered in mainstream media in Japan.

I have been feeling so disheartened with the world of media and journalism lately that reading your blog and realising that I am not the only idealist in Tokyo was so rewarding. It was also so great to know that there are others trying to use journalism as a way of raising people's voices and talking about peace and social justice. Even stranger was realising just how close to me you are living - and that Tokyo does contain this never ending aspect of surprise. Thank you.

I am sure you are manically busy with the rotary program, but, if you had a spare hour at some point I would be so happy to meet you in person for a coffee and a rant about peace and the mainstream media - and if not I totally understand. Your blog has cheered up my day either way.

luvmegumi said...

Hi Becki,
Thank you so much for resonating with my message and finding me out therein the vast universe of the WWW. Would very much like to connect with you. If you get this please contact me at luvmegumi at I will be returning to Japan on April 10th.
love and peace,