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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Talking with an Eight Grade Social Studies Class

This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to talk to an Eight Grade Social Studies Class at Our Lady School of Malibu. I spoke to them about what it means to be an active citizen shaping our government today, and specifically about the Department of Peace legislation. A little nervous about standing in front a class of 25 Thirteen years old, I feel good about what I shared. The 8th graders asked some great questions, such as "is the DOP saying that war is bad?" I also shared with them how two 13 yrs old from Minnesota were able to inspire and motivate their Senator Mark Dayton to introduced the bill in the Senate. So that even though they can't vote yet, they still have a power to help shape our democracy.

I think I am finally seeing the fruits of my work at California Peace Action, where for five months I went door to door to talk to people about anti-nuclear poliferation, and my work with kids in the film arts program. I think I am getting much more comfortable about standing infront of a group and talking to people about the issues that I care about. yay!

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