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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Short Film: Peace Begins with Me and You

Please Click Here for Video.
Peace Begins with Me and You
4 min. Director Megumi Nishikura
May 2005


Carl Weaver said...

Wonderful video! I agree - we have to find peace within ourselves before we can see it in the world around us. Thanks for making this video.

Insurgent said...

Hey Megumi, I just saw your post about your vlog on Current's webpage. I'd like to talk to you about Current at some point, please send me an e-mail when you get a chance... I'm off to check out your videos now...

dave proper said...

Very nice Megu! I'm glad to see that this turned out so well... I hope that you are enjoying life and doing good things. See you here in a few weeks!



Jonas said...

hey megumi!
that's a nice video with a peaceful soul.
it was actually the first video of yours i watched
and i'm curious for more :)

i hope you're doing fine and
am looking forward to meet you
again one time.

in this spirit,
'each one teach one'...

greetings from the getting-colder-